The basic philosophy behind our toe links as with all of our products is to design and manufacture the components to the highest specification possible by utilising only the highest grades of aluminium alloys, specifically 7068 and 7075. A4-80 high tensile stainless steel and 316 stainless sheet for bracket work.

Components are precision machined in house, aluminium components are beautifully finished in hard anodising to a display finish both for protection and aesthetics. All kits come fully assembled and pre set with the correct bump steer shims where this information has been supplied by the customer, otherwise we use the Lotus recommended initial bump steer setting for the kit type. The kits are also correctly orientated and soft locked to help reduce both fitting errors and the fitting time as much as possible.

The kits are designed to last the life of the car,* they are built from superior materials and better protected than the car itself. The kits are the lightest for their strength, ultimately the strongest, the stiffest and easily the most durable.

Throughout the design we have used good engineering practices, increasing the overall strength of the mechanical system by interlocking components where possible. All fasteners are top quality CE certified and traceable stock, 10.9 specification BZP bolts have been tested for hydrogen embrittlement.

Many kits have options which effect the overall strength of the kits, this is why we would prefer you contact us prior to purchase with details of your particular usage and exact model but please note ALL kits are 100% track capable.

Detailed, comprehensive and clear fitting instructions are supplied, this includes a tool list and general advice regarding the safety issues.


The toe link rods are precision machined from solid 7075 and hard anodised to a display finish in a beautiful Titanium colour. The result is an extremely light, very strong and very stiff tube with superb corrosion resistance.


The bearings are the heart of any kit as they control both the reliability and the longevity both of which directly influence the true cost of the kit over time**. To extend bearing service life as much as possible we designed the bearings ourselves specifically for this application*** and had them made by one of the industries few quality manufacturers using friction technology from their aerospace range, they have a proven track record of unsurpassed reliability and longevity and out perform any off-the-shelf bearing, this includes NMB, Fluro, Aurora, et al.

Quite simply, the bearings are the most reliable of any kit, OE or aftermarket and due to their proven service record we offer a 3 year warranty with our bearings.

The bearings are supplied with fitted nitrile boots for protection. 


Machined to very high tolerances to match the receiver sections on the uprights and the subframe, they allow for greater adjustment range than the standard OE components. Made from either 7068 or 7075 aluminium alloy or A4-80 as appropriate.

Designed to resist the continuous compression/tension cycles of the heaviest track use without issue or fatigue for the life of the car, they are both very light and very strong. All our collets accurately match the forms that they mate against and allow for greater adjustment than the standard OE components allow. Collets are inserted where possible to increase strength and to avoid movement under shear loads. The collets also present an effective seal face for the nitrile boots.


Where supplied, stainless steel brackets are not only of suitable strength in themselves but are also fastened sufficiently to suitable sections of the subframe. Brackets are folded to increase overall deformation resistance by both form and work hardening, the design also increase the clearance behind the subframe from the exhaust. All brackets are electropolished to reduce salt adhesion.


The aluminium uprights are a known weak area on the S1 especially the toe link support section, this can deform purely from high cornering loads.

The design shown below is an interlocking bracket/plinth setup, this geometrically locks the two components before they are compression bolted.

Anny lateral forces applied through the toe link arm are transferred across the bottom of the upright and shared with the plinth mounting section, this helps to protect the upright itself.


We offer several brace designs, especially for the VX subframe which is not as stiff as the Elise subframe. All designs work in conjunction with the toe link assemblies in the lateral plane but are fully articulated in the longitudinal and vertical planes, this allows the suspension to work correctly with minimal effect on chassis compliance.

They are also available for the 111 series to avoid drilling the subframe and for the Elise S1using the double shear bracket as a mount.


All our kits are 100% race capable but we also offer solid high tensile steel components for several car models, however the reduction of frangibility needs to be considered as a serious impact may well damage the subframe, they are designed for serious race use only when the requirement to continue is greater than the considerations of damage.


We offer a bespoke service and would rather ensure you obtain the correct kit for your usage and future plans, if you let us know what model and year your car is and your intended usage we will be more than happy to suggest kits and options to suit your requirement without obligation.

Please use the buttons below for further reading and prices on specific kits.

*Though they have the highest longevity of any bearing in this application, bearings and nitrile boots may need periodic replacement.

** When comparing the costs of different aftermarket and OE kits it is important to consider the cost and inconvenience of replacement bearings. As a single replacement bearing with fitting and geo reset costs will almost certainly make a budget kit more expensive in the longer term.