Toyota HP Pump and Filter Module Kit


The fully assembled module replaces the lower section of the Toyota pump and is pre-fitted with a high output, high efficiency pump. Utilising the latest turbine architecture, the pump can supply fuel for around 600 BHP, way beyond the output of the uprated Denso pumps as used on the Cup cars and those pumps fitted to the newer models.

These pumps can also be used at much higher pressures for use with an external regulator and work perfectly with PWM controllers, this gives a flexible, efficient, in-tank fuelling option for any upgrades or projects.

The module size is OE, it fits all tanks and does not require any further components. The new module is pre greased to accept the new seals when assembling the pump unit.

The module is assembled from new components including:

The filter housing itself

New HP pump

Pump seal

Pump foot filter and retaining washer

Pump vibration pad

Pump retaining cap

Custom wiring harness

PRV seal/unit seal - these seals will replace the unit’s internal seals. Once the module replacement is complete you effectively have a new unit as all of the perishable components are replaced.

A new unit to tank seal is also available as an option though these are usually in good condition.

Please note: we can carry out this work for you if you prefer and also check the function of the roll-over-valve assembly.


Toyota HP Pump and Filter Module Kit- £269 +del and vat

Optional unit to tank seal if required £17 +vat

Full unit check and assembly £25 +vat