Ecliptech Shift-P2 and P2+  Has arrived!!!

Next generation Shift light from Ecliptech Innovations

Configurable multi-colour lights, small graphics display for configuration, additional outputs and features.

A massive amount of effort has gone into the size and appearance. Modern look with a discrete size.

It is almost the same height/width as the Shift-I, however the depth has been reduced ~25%!

There are now two options; P2 and P2+ - please note the only difference between the P2 and the P2+ is advanced functionality which can be activated by a software unlock, the units are identical.

The original shift-i was easily the best unit on the market and it is now even better with a host of advanced features and extra functions including, for the P2+ model, 3 wired channels which can be used as input or output channels. the only difference between the P2 and the P2+ is a software unlock, the units are identical.

For example channel 1 could be used to power a buzzer, this can be triggered by a number of criteria including last phase of the sequential lights or above a set rpm limit etc...

Typical of the advanced functionality of Ecliptech products the output is not a simple on/off function, no chance! The output itself can be a single pulse, repeat pulse with a timed gap (0.1-360 seconds!) or even a frequency (set in hz).

This really is a fabulous piece of kit that you can easily personalise to a very high degree.

These settings are stored and held by the P2+ model btw, two separate profiles to cater for different drivers or different use (track/training with a lower rpm change for example).

Another channel could be used for the oil pressure to generate a visual warning, this warning could even be linked to the third channel to carry out an action i.e to send a signal to set a lower rpm limit (if the ecu supports this function) or an audio warning with a different buzzer tone to the rpm tone set on channel 1.

The obvious differences from the shift-i are the larger (and brighter) lenses powered by the Red/Green/Blue LED's which can generate 11 colours in programme mode. the small display is used mainly for setup but is also used to display info during warnings.

The unit is slightly slimmer than the earlier model and the buttons are much easier to use as feedback is from the screen.

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